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This quote is from Eugene H Peterson who translated The Message Bible into language we could understand.

So often in our walk with Christianity we are exhorted to pray.

Pray for what we want.

Pray for God’s intervention in our lives.

Pray for other people.

Pray for the world, a group of people, a country.

And so on.

There is nothing wrong with asking God for these things.

But God knows what we need and will give it to us anyway.

Prayer is more about being transformed into a follower of Jesus.

Research shows that we are influenced by the people we keep company with. If you keep company with people who are negative, you will become negative and your behaviour will change to match that. If you keep company with people who adopt a particular set of beliefs, you will come to share those beliefs.

If you spend time in conversation with God, you will be changed to become more godly in your outlook and behaviour.

If you read 2 Corinthians 3 from verse 7, you will read that Moses came into God’s presence and that presence caused his face to become so bright that people could not look at it.

You can then read in verses16-18 that when you turn your face to God you recognise Him as a living, personal presence, not some idol of stone. 

Being in God’s presence shows you the pure approach to God. The leaving behind of legalism and embracing of who God is. 

In His presence you can be who He created you to be. 

In His presence you can become who He wants you to be. In His presence your life becomes brighter and more beautiful as you allow God to enter your life and you become more like Him.

In Romans 12:1-2 you are encouraged to take every aspect of your life and offer it to God. You are advised to embrace what God does for you as His gift to you and the best way you can be. 

You need to not place your culture – be it the culture of your church, community, nation – above God and His requirements for you. 

You are instead to put your attention on God. 

He will change you. 

He will start in your innermost being and change you into His image. Your response is to recognise that is what He wants and to respond to that.

Instead of allowing the cultures of this world, including religious institutions, to drag you down focus on God instead. When you do this, you allow Him to bring out your best.

And you do this through prayer as you form a relationship with God that involves communication as you sit as His feet.

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