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Genesis 1-4

The focus of this blog is the circumstances that led to Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden.

In this garden Adam and Eve walked with God on His daily visits to the garden.

They had not knowledge of good and evil. They were innocent. They had no shame. Instead they lived lives of pure worship with God.

It was only after they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that they felt shame at their nakedness.

It was then that they were cast out of God’s presence. And it hurt.

Their lives of hard work to produce food and clothing. Their lives of the difficulties of giving birth and raising children. Their lives of contact with God only in the Spirit and never with that easy familiarity with which they walked with Him in the past.

Now there was evil in the world.

There was frustration and hurt.

There was murder and there was grief.

There was joy, trust and faith.

There was deceit, brokenness and difficult relationships.

There were distractions and temptations.

People may have started calling on the name of God, but many started seeking other gods.

Others rejected all belief in a divine power and moved forward under their own strength. 

Life was difficult.

Life was painful.

Life was full of the longing, often unrecognised, for God.

The knowledge of God, and who He was, was corrupted.

People forgot how to hear God. How to walk with Him.

We live in a world where we walk without God.

He comes to us in the spirit. But we tell ourselves we aren’t sure if it is Him.

He tells us things, asks us to do things. And if we agree with doing them or believing them we do. If we don’t want to, we tell ourselves we didn’t hear God at all.

All the time, there is this terrible emptiness. An emptiness that has existed since Adam and Eve lost the right to walk with God in the Garden of Eden.

Be careful that the god you listen to is God.

Be careful not to allow the ways of the world, the prejudices, faulty beliefs, hatreds and rebellion to block you from hearing God.

Fill that emptiness with God. 

Fill that emptiness by spending time with God and listening to Him.

Get to know God.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to contact with God.

He tells us that knowledge of God is the only way to know God.

Take the time today to deepen your knowledge of and walk with God.

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