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Luke 5: 1-11

Over the past six months I have been reading through the Gospels. I am working my way through John at the moment. I have just read of Jesus being before Pilate. I have taken my time, sometimes stopping at a sentence to spend time meditating on that verse before moving on the next day. 

Much of what I have just read describes the relationship people had with Jesus. For some, especially the disciples, that relationship was a personal one on one relationship. For others such as the Sanhedrin and Pilate it was one based on teachings and personal desires. They did not know Jesus.

This is a subject that is vitally important in our walk with Jesus.

Today I read a blog by Chip Brogden and it gave the same message I had been reading.

This blog was based on Luke 5:5-6 when Jesus instructs Simon Peter to cast his net out of the boat. This instruction came after he had told Jesus he had been working all night and caught nothing. 

Having obeyed Jesus, the nets overflowed with fish.

Simon Peter realised this man standing before him was Jesus, the Christ. This was no mere man, this was the promised Messiah. Peter, having made that realisation, fell at Jesus’ feet and declared his sinfulness.

My impression of the meaning of those verses matches those expressed in the blog.

It is that Simon Peter saw Jesus. He didn’t see the teachings of Jesus, he saw Jesus the person.

I wonder if you see Jesus or the doctrine/traditions you are taught?

It is easy to get caught up in the teaching of a church and become so focused on that instead of on the person of Jesus. 

Our relationship with God is a personal one, directly with God. One where we see Him, not some doctrine we are told to follow.

If we treat the doctrine of a church as more important than our one on one relationship with God then we have failed to have what God wants for us. What God commands us to do. What God expects us to do.

We have failed to have a one on one relationship with God.

Today, ask yourself what matters more – God or the teachings of your church?

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