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1 Corinthians 13
There has been a lot happening in the last week that has caused me to pause what I am doing and explore. Things that God has been pointing out to me. Injustice. Harm to children. Harm to the vulnerable. People forgetting to Love. People claiming to represent God behaving without love. Behaving in hateful ways. Behaving with little regard to the pain they are causing others. Behaving in ways that harm. Behaving without compassion.
The first instance of hatred and harm to the vulnerable was a hate campaign directed at a very small and vulnerable group within the world community. That of people who grow up knowing they are living in the wrong body. I am referring to members of the transgender community. 
Over the years I have known, personally, through friends and through my counselling work, many people who are transgender. I have seen the trauma they face. The terrible fear of telling their own family their problem and facing rejection. The fear of being rejected by friends. The fear of going out in public and having someone notice they are a different gender to the clothes they are wearing. The fear that leads to you spending hours getting ready to go out, trying to cover up anything that may make you look like a different gender. The fear of being rejected for jobs you are well qualified for because people reject something you have had no power over.
This hate campaign was cynically used by some politicians to gain votes in the recent Australian Federal Election. These politicians claimed to love God. Claimed to accept Jesus as their Saviour, the Son of God. Claimed to be Christians. 
Yet never in the gospels was Jesus anything but loving with the people he met.
In fact the Bible tells us that love is our most necessary action.
I will elaborate on that later.
The second instance of hatred and harm to the vulnerable was seen in an article I read about children growing up in a fundamentalist church where love was definitely not on the agenda.
There was an insistence that people speak in tongues. The penalty for not having that gift was no place in heaven. I am still trying to find a Bible verse that supports that view. 
Speaking in tongues is something I have explored over the years. I used to speak in tongues and probably again if I wanted to, but I saw it misused too many times and decided I would not use tongues again. Despite this, God still talks to me, still expresses His love and still gives me insights and messages. When I ask Him if I should talk in tongues He asks me to sit and listen to Him rather than fill the silence with babble.
Of course someone can say they speak in tongues and make any noise they want. I have seen it done by people who later admitted to me they were just pretending to fit in. How do you prove a person is speaking in tongues or just making a noise? You can’t.
How many vulnerable people have been dragged into churches like this and devastated because they are told they have to speak in tongues when they know they can’t. Babbling away, even if it is sent by the Holy Spirit is not going to get you into heaven.
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