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On this, Palm Sunday, the day we remember Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem, only for the adoring crowds to turn against Him days later, it is appropriate to talk about Jesus as a spiritual being.


In ancient times it was believed the wind was related to the spirit realm. People could feel it, they could see its effects, but they could not actually see the wind.

Of course electricity is another invisible thing. We can feel it and see its impacts, but we cannot actually see it.

Magnetism is also invisible. As is gravity. We also cannot see the power that exists in atoms, but we can see their effects when the atom is split.

Einstein was the one who theorised about many of these things. It was he who proved that time exists only where there is matter and that space is interrelated with time.


Matter can be converted to energy and energy to matter.

These are staggering concepts. To us used to an understanding of all these things it may not seem to unusual, but to the people of Jesus’ time, even the people a few hundred years ago, much of this was astonishing.

Matter is not static. It had a beginning. All scientists agree to that. How that beginning came about is contentious.


The Bible tells us that in the beginning God decreed, Jesus spoke and the Holy Spirit acted to create matter. We see this in Genesis (1:1) and in John (1:1-5). We also learn in the Bible that it is Jesus who holds all things together (Colossians 1:15-17). Without Jesus all matter would disintegrate. All this has taken place in the Spiritual Realm.

Another thing to remember is that the Bible contains references of spirit beings manifesting to people. Sometimes they are good, other times bad. Genesis 18 and 19 relate how good beings manifested themselves to Abraham at Mamre and then visited Sodom, which they later destroyed.

We also know that Jesus returned after the resurrection and became spirit. He was able to appear and disappear at will. We also know that in Acts 8:224-40 Phillip was taken away by the spirit after ministering to an Ethiopian.


We cannot see the spirit world, just as we cannot see the wind, electricity, magnetism and gravity. Yes they exist, even the spirit world. The spirit world is the place where the energy that permeates the universe is. It is also where we find God. 

The energy of the spirit world is why we can hug a tree and feel its energy. It is why we can put our bare feet on the ground and feel the energy of the ground entering our feet. It is why we can place our hands on a rock and feel a surge of energy. The spirit world is where we can feel God’s presence. 


We fear the spirit world because we have been taught in church doctrine that the spirit world is a place of demonic influence. But the spirit world is where we find God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As followers of Jesus we are under His protection. The proof of this can be found in Job 1:9-10 where satan argues that God is protecting Job.

There are many who do not believe in the spirit world. This is seen even in Jesus’ time with the Sadducees not believing in the spirit world. But there has been a lot of research and a lot of proof into the existence of the spirit world. 

There has been a lot of fear of the spirit world because of the belief that spiritual things are demonic. As with the false prophets we encounter on earth, we can know if something is of God because it will honour God and acknowledge Jesus as our saviour. 

If we deny the existence of the Spirit World, we deny the existence of our Triune God.

Believing in the spirit world is scary, but it is essential in order to accept the existence of God and Jesus as our Saviour

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