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Abram is called out of Haran

There are few verses as important as the verses in Genesis 12:1-9.

This contains the call of God for Abram to leave his family, home, country and move into a new area. He is asked to go where he does not know the land. To go where he is a stranger. To go where there is nothing familiar. To step into the great unknow.

To add to this, God promises Abram that He will make Abram great. That he will be a blessing to all people on earth and that God will make Abram into a mighty nation.

So Abram leaves with his wife and nephew. He leaves everything familiar and safe and goes to this unknown land. 

In this land, God tells Abram his descendants will be given this land. Abram in faith builds an altar and worships God.

Long before the present day.

Long before national borders and nationalism.

Long before the printed word and easy to study history.

Long before established religions.

In a time when people lived and had the opportunity of a relationship with God.

This was when Abram lived. He had a great faith in God. There was no law, no legalism, no fundamentalism. There was only the knowledge of God passed down through the generations. Some chose to continue to worship God, others chose not to. The Bible records that Abram had a great faith in God and this was credited to him. 

Abram became another step in God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. 

He obediently followed God to where God told him to go.

Abram worshipped God.

God told Abram he was going to be the father of a great nation. He didn’t know that eventually one of his descendants would be our Saviour, God’s son, Jesus. He didn’t know the part he had to play in our redemption. But he trusted God and followed where he was told to go.

God’s plans for our redemption were always there. 

And in these plans there were always people of faith who obeyed God’s call and furthered His plans.

It is important for us to remember how the entire narrative of the Bible winds around these plans. 

Advent and the lead up to it is a good time to remember.

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