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My next blog series is preparation for Christmas.

Once Advent starts, I will look specifically at Advent readings and format, but until then I will be looking at the back story to Christmas.

In the very first book of the Bible we see God planning our redemption.

In Genesis 3 Eve is tempted by the serpent to eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. She in turn tempts Adam to eat of this tree also. 

Suddenly, they are aware of good and evil. Both are aware of their nakedness and see it as wrong. So they hide from God.

When God asks them how they knew they were naked Adam tries to blame Eve and God (v12). The woman YOU put here gave me some fruit.

Eve in her turn blames it on the serpent.

Already the fall of creation had started. 

All that God had created. All the perfection and innocence was gone. We knew the difference between good and evil and became capable of sinning. 

God’s responded to this disobedience by telling the serpent he will be cursed above all livestock and animals. There will be enmity between him and the woman and between all descendants. The woman’s son will crush the serpents head but he will only be able to bruise the heel of the son.(verse 14 and 15).

Adam and Eve were now subjected to a hard life and were banned from the Garden of Eden so they could not eat of the Tree of Life. 

Many people know this story. But not as many comprehend the meaning of the offspring crushing the head of the snake. After all, people hate snakes and seek to kill them whenever they see them. Isn’t that what this verse is about?

To a certain extent the verse covers that, but its meaning goes far deeper.

This verse is the first place in the Bible where God indicates His plan for our redemption. 

For it is Jesus, the son of Adam and therefore Eve, who crushed the serpent (Satan) when He died on the Cross. Satan may have felt he bruised Jesus heel when He was sentenced to death, but in fact Jesus crushed his head by dying and rising to life again.

Right here in Genesis 3 we read of God’s plan for the salvation of all humankind. As our ancestors fell from grace, God had a plan.

That plan may be taking many millennia to play out, but it is still in progress.

Just as God has plans for our lives, He has a greater plan for all the lives of all His children.

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