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Isaiah 49: 1- 22

As I move forward from the New Year and through Isaiah’s references to Joy I have come to this chapter.

My last post may not have been popular with everyone who read it. I write what God directs and He was directing me to take the New Year and my responsibility to Him seriously.

In a year that was devastating for many, it was an important message to receive and share.

But now there is a further message.

Life continues. Often there is difficulty in life, so it is not always pleasant and easy. In this time of pandemic it has been particularly hard. People have become ill, some have died, and people have lost loved ones. 

Because of the pandemic, others have faced financial difficulties and even ruin. In a world where there is enough poverty and too few who care, even more have found themselves in that place.

People have become isolated from those they love and that has been hard.
In this past year, there have been myriad difficulties for numerous reasons.

But God has not forgotten or forsaken us. Remember, we are engraved on the palms of His hands. The marks of the cross bear witness to that.

As we move into this year, may we take a moment to shout for joy and rejoice. May we seek the joy in the heavens and the songs of joy in the earth. May we remember that God comforts us and has compassion on us.

In a world where there is so little compassion, may you feel the compassion of God.


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