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Psalm 67

This is a particularly appropriate blog for Easter Sunday. This is about not just the individual, but all of humankind. I explain more below.

Once again we have a psalm that is pure praise to God. The content is interesting. It is not just about praising God for what He have done for them. It is also about the wish that the rest of the world would see how much God blesses His people thus bringing glory to God. In that declaration there is also the sentiment that as people praise God they will accept Him.
For the psalmist there was the double source of joy. There was the Joy of the people in praising God. There was also the Joy of the rest of the world in understanding God’s greatness and his joy at seeing all people acknowledge God.
Thus far, this blog has been about individual joy and a little about corporate joy. But it has never touched on the Joy of all humankind. This is the first time I have found a Bible verse that specifically mentions this. Joy is about worshipping and acknowledging God. But it is also about seeing other people worship and acknowledge God. This includes the unbelievers amongst us.
This is a strong call to us to not become so caught up in our worship of God that we forget to love and rejoice in the relationship of unbelievers to God as He draws them close.

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