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Psalm 66 especially verse1

This psalm of pure praise and acknowledgement of God’s greatness is a call to the praise that brings Joy. The first and last verse are ones that I feel are particularly important. The first verse calls on us to shout with joy to God. Well, not just us, but the entire earth. Every stone, every creature, every tree, everything is called on to shout with joy to God. Then follows the verses that speak of all the greatness of God. This psalmist has experienced a great deliverance from sin and wants everyone to know about it. He wants the world to know he has been forgiven by God. This leads to the last verse. In this verse he praises God who has not rejected his prayer or withheld love from him.
When we find it hard to feel Joy we can feel that God is rejecting us and withholding His love from us. We stumble desperately trying to, under our own strength, find God again. But the more we try in our own strength, the further away God seems. It is a hard lesson to learn. It is at those times we need to let go and wait for God to come to us. To let go and wait in the promise that He is there and we will feel His presence at the right time.
Here in the waiting is the promise of Joy.

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