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Psalm 51

In this psalm David has been visited by the prophet Nathan, who reminded him of his sin in taking Uriah the Hittite’s wife Bathsheba as his own and killing Uriah. David realises the horror of his sin and begs God for forgiveness. He is so appalled at his sin that all joy has left his life. He begs God to cleanse him of the stain of the sin so that he may again feel joy. He begs God to restore the joy of God’s salvation to him. He feels no joy because of the enormity of his sin and the knowledge this has separated him from God. His joy is in God and his relationship with God.
Looking at this psalm, it is clear that true Joy is found in God and is from God. That joy can be found no matter our circumstances. However, when we are aware of committing a great sin, our horror at what we have done will not allow us to feel joy. Joy will only come when we seek God’s forgiveness and allow Him to wash us clean.
So there are times when we will not feel joy.
When we find ourselves in such a time and understand it is because of a sin we have committed we need to come before God in repentance. Then we need to accept His forgiveness and forgive ourselves. If we hold on to unforgiveness, we will not be open to feel God’s Joy. Remember. He instructs us to forgive as He forgives. This includes forgiving ourselves. When we do, then we can feel God’s Joy again.

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