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Psalm 47

When I started this blog series, I announced I was going to explore how Joy is always available. This is in direct contrast to happiness, which is transient. I spoke of how we would explore how Joy was possible even in the darkest times.
It may seem over this course of these series that I have contradicted this. Certainly I have spoken of the need to accept that sometimes Joy is hard to find. That sometimes we need to sit in those dark places and be okay with that.
I believe that Joy is possible even in the darkest times, but it is not always something we feel. I believe that Joy is always around the corner and that part of that is our willingness to open ourselves to what God has to give us.
This psalm is one example of this. The psalmist has written this psalm as a call to worship and praise God with joy. He is saying that God is always there. That what God has done is always there. That at any time we are willing to, we can feel the joy of worshipping God because He is great.
This doesn’t mean we will always experience Joy and it doesn’t mean we are bad if we cannot at times experience Joy. What it does mean is that Joy is a choice. We can choose to be open to praising God. It also means there are times when we are not open and for those times God does not condemn us. He just holds us close.

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