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Psalm 45

I had trouble understanding this psalm until I read in one commentary that this was a psalm of praise to the Messiah, an allegory of the bride coming to the King. Once I put Jesus’ name in place of the King it all made sense.
It is in Jesus, our bridegroom, that we find our ultimate joy. A day will come when we who follow Him. We who are His bride. Will experience the joy of this psalm.
But in the meantime we can experience some of its joy. We can read this psalm of praise to Jesus and be filled with the glory of what He has done for us. We can feel joy because Jesus is exalted over all. We can feel joy because He is our bridegroom. He is our saviour. He is a precious gift from God. We can feel joy because Jesus is the reason the sins that weigh us down have been forgiven and cleansed and we can move forward in the blessing of righteousness. Just as the bride in the psalm comes into the presence of the King. Because of Jesus we can be whiter than the snow. Washed clean by His blood.
That is a great promise of joy. Joy we can experience now on earth, and in eternity with Jesus.

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