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Psalm 43

We are often overwhelmed by the bad things that happen to us. Our distress is so great we can only beg God for relief. We can do as the psalmist in this psalm did and express our misery at the oppression, deceitfulness and downright nastiness of others. We can feel, as the psalmist did, that God our stronghold has rejected us. We can feel we are stumbling in darkness and beg God to send His light to guide us to Him. We can feel that it is not possible to praise God. Any word we speak in praise feels hollow and empty. We can only look to the time when we will experience Joy in God’s presence.
There is a time for everything. We will not always experience Joy. That is not what our life in this fallen world is able to be. We can look forward to the day when we will be in heaven, experiencing eternal Joy. But for now we are here in this world and we must allow ourselves the space to experience the misery of life. To sit patiently and wait for God’s comfort. To trust it is there. Just as the psalmist finishes the psalm with the message that we must put our hope in God. He is our saviour and our God and we will again praise Him and experience Joy.
It is important to remember, that even in the terrible places we may still glimpse moments of joy. They may not be the ecstatic expectation of joy we cling to, but they are joy all the same.

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