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Psalm 35

This Psalm presents a different aspect of Joy.
It is credited to David and written at a time when he is being slandered and is in distress.
I encourage you to read the entire Psalm. The first three verses are David’s acknowledgement of God as His defending warrior. I love that. It is God who rushes to our aid. I can relate to that. I have a strong sense of the need for social justice and there have been many occasions in my life when I have rushed to defend others. It is so beautiful to consider that my defender is God. I love the quiet sentence at the end of these verses “Say to my soul, “I am your salvation”.” When I read that I hear God’s quiet voice reassuring me with those words. It fills me with Joy and I am sure it also filled David with Joy.
As you read through the Psalm the verses are filled with David’s plea to God for vindication and justice. Every so often David stops his plea and acknowledges how great God is. Verse 10 contains the lovely worlds directed at God: “You rescue the poor from those too strong for them …”. The power of those words moves me with Joy. The knowledge that when we are weak and those more powerful than us seek to disempower us, then were are strong in God’s rescue and His strength.
As we read towards the end of the Psalm, we can see David’s words of Joy. But this time, it is not about his joy. It is about the Joy of those who support him, the servant of the Lord. It is a great reminder of community. We relate to God individually, but we also belong to the community of believers and we can experience Joy at God’s provision and deliverance of a fellow believer.
We can experience Joy because of the community to which we belong. This is a challenge to us to ensure we honour that community. I am not talking about church membership here. I am talking about delighting in fellow believers. Praying for them, supporting them, rejoicing with them and weeping with them. Most importantly, we must not set conditions on the believers we will support. We must not say they have to belong to a particular church or denomination or support a particular doctrine. We must love them because they love Jesus. Their relationship with God is between them and God. All God asks us to do is to be a community of those who love Him.
That is cause for great Joy.

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