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Psalm 20
This Psalm is a beautiful prayer of support for each other, and faith in God
It starts asking that God answer you when you are in distress and protect you. May God send help. May God remember your faithfulness and worship.
Those asking this support for another say they will shout for joy when these prayers are answered.
It is a different aspect of Joy, the joy at a prayer answered, a hope fulfilled. In the case of this Psalm, it is about the people asking God to answer the prayer of their King for success in battle. So the joy they feel will also be about their rescue from an enemy.
The faith in God comes from their profession of faith and trust in God and His salvation.
This psalm speaks of the power of prayer for others and the support of community for each other. This is how God wanted it to be. But that is not necessarily how it is. Yes you may argue that the modern churches fulfil that need. But I have seen too many fail to pray support for each other and fail to offer support and encouragement for others within the community. Instead secular interests get in the way.
When we support one another as fellow children of God. When we offer community support as God intended, then there is joy in that true service to God. But when we only offer that support to those we agree with (secular interests) or who attend our church, then we are not serving God. There is no joy in that.

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