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I apologise for the gap in blogs. I went on holidays and thought I would be able to load my blogs while away, but that never happened. I am back now and am resuming the blogs.

Psalm 5

This psalm continues the theme of needing help against the harshness and injustice of the world. David speaks of the evil of those who oppose God. Those same people oppose him as a servant of God. The people tell lies against others and seek to destroy them. They scheme to bring David down. This is the tactic of the bully who seeks to rise on the destroyed bodies of their victims.
But God has a solution to this. We can take refuge in Him. That is a source of great joy. When we take refuge in Him, He protects us. He blesses those who love Him and seek to be righteous. He will sustain those who are under attack and give them what they need to continue serving Him. That is a source of great comfort and great joy.

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