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Psalm 4
Many times over the past year I have despaired at the increasing hardness and greed of the world in which I live. I have despaired at politicians who masquerade as Christians but speak ungodly hatred and greed. I have despaired at the lack of justice for the refugee, first nations peoples, those who are homeless, those living in poverty, those struggling to live and feed their children. I have despaired at the harshness of those around me with their harsh judgementalism and their ignorance. I have despaired as innocent men have been found guilty of crimes they did not commit by ignorant juries who ignore the truth and follow instead what is flashy and desirable. I have felt like the Psalmist. To me those injustices feel like foes, like the multitude rising up against me.
On a personal level I have been subjected to attacks from ungodly people who have resorted to lies to try to destroy my reputation and isolate me from others. The personal injustices are as bad as the injustices levelled at others. They have combined and felt overwhelming.
Here is David. He is suffering from a time of great trouble. The Bible does not say what the trouble is, but it is supposed it is a time of great calamity when many of his subjects are turning away from God. The injustice is both personal and general.
David cries out to God and God answers. He sustains David and fills him with courage. God will defend, at the right time. And those whose hardness and greed make this place so unpleasant will always hunger for more. And they will be less than those who are sustained by God.
David vows not to resort to uncontrolled anger that would lead him to sin. Instead he waits silently and searches his heart. He trusts God and feels Joy in the knowledge of God’s presence sustaining and delivering him at the right time. He has joy because he has God’s more than enough (The Message v.7).
So I will wait silently and search my heart. I will trust God and I will feel His Joy.

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