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Psalm 3
Sometimes the worries of life become so much it is easy to forget God’s presence. Too much to do, battling some form of illness, too many demands on your time, undercurrents of conflict, feelings of inadequacy. If they come all at once it is quite a challenge to remember God. And the last thing you want to hear in times like that is someone telling you to “cast all you cares on God” or some other crass words. You know that. You are just too busy to do that.
You are not a failure when you find yourself in such a situation. God knows how overwhelming life can be and He understands your difficulty. But He also knows that He can help you. Sometimes it is necessary to just stop.
Stop chasing all those things on your to do list. Allow how awful you feel to just be there. Stop worrying about the demands on your time, just for a moment. Let the undercurrents of conflict sit somewhere away from you. Accept that you feel inadequate. Just be. Be with what is going on around you. Just for a moment you are in this space of being and all those worries and demands are outside that space.
This is the space where God is waiting for you. The space where He is waiting to comfort you, to hold you, to speak tenderly to you, to give you respite. Soon He will send you back out into your day and the busyness. But just for this moment, sit here with Him. Allow Him to minister to you. When you return the busyness will still be there, but you will be better rested and able to deal with it. And maybe in that space God will show you His priorities for your day.

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