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Psalm 51:7
Today God asked me to write on being in a season of forgiveness.
My immediate thought was to ask God what I could write. What do I know about forgiveness. I struggle to forgive the fresh hurts that pile up every day, and some of the old ones too. As I continue to unravel the terrible things my mother did to me as a child, I feel fresh anger and unforgiveness at her. I struggle to truly forgive my siblings for what they have done. And then there are the fresh hurts, visited on me by people who have spread their nastiness into my life. What do I know about forgiveness?
In the stillness of waiting for the answer there is God’s response.
I know that He asks us to forgive.
I know that forgiving others is not for them, it is for me.
I know that unforgiveness mars my life and keeps me from living in the peace God wants me to live in.
I know that I have a choice. I have a choice to release my investment in staying hurt and angry with those who have wronged me. I have a choice to continuously release that investment in staying hurt and angry.
I know that when I continue to make that choice, I open myself to God’s healing. I know that in time the hurt and anger behind the unforgiveness dissipates.
I realise the struggle to forgive my mother is not the struggle I thought it was. It is just that, with every fresh revelation I have to go back to the start and forgive that as well as all the other things I have had to forgive.
So now I know that forgiving someone may involve forgiving them for every fresh thing they do. That sometimes forgiveness is a progression of acts of forgiveness of acts of hurts.
I now know that instead of beating myself up because I can’t seem to forgive, I honour the forgiveness I have already given and gratefully seek new instances of forgiveness.
I am aware of the fact that much forgiveness is tied up with shame. More particularly shame placed on us in the past. Here is a gift of God. Jesus’ blood washed away all our shame and guilt. Humans like to place shame on us, God has no interest in that.
So let us never forget that on this earth we will never be perfect.
Let us remember that Jesus washes away our sin and shame and washes us whiter than the snow. He does this continuously.
And He welcomes our efforts to forgive and does not judge us harshly when we struggle. He sees better than us how hard we try.


It's Your blood that cleanses me
It's Your blood that gives me life
It's Your blood that took my place
In redeeming sacrifice
Washes me whiter than the snow, than the snow
My Jesus, God's precious sacrifice
(Michael Christ)

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