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Today is a wet day. That may not seem remarkable to you if you live in an area where rain is commonplace, but this year our wet season never came. Today’s rain we can thank Cyclone Trevor for. And we can praise God that He has sent Trevor’s rain west to the farms and communities struggling with drought.
As I praised God, the hymn “We plough the fields and scatter” often known these days as “All Good Gifts” (thank you Godspell), came to mind. We do what we can to plant seed. In this modern age it can even be artificially fed and sometimes watered. But even irrigators cannot water when the rivers run dry.
Today, we can thank God that He has sent rain to much of Western Queensland and some of North Western New South Wales. And what better blog to write than about God’s provision of rain.
The original hymn was written as a poem by Matthias Claudius in 18th century Germany. In the early 19th century it was translated into English by Jane Montgomery Campbell and taught to the children in her Sunday School Class. From there it has become a hymn associated with harvest and thanksgiving.
The poem was based on Psalm 144, in particular, verses 12 to 14. The whole Psalm is beautiful to read. I actually love the first 3 verses and have never thought about these latter verses. But they are a treat to read.
Reading from verse 11 David asks God to deliver and rescue him from the hands of lying foreigners with deceitful hands. He asks for the rescue so that our children will grow up like well watered, sturdy plants. May our harvest be plentiful and fill our barns. May our animals grow and increase in numbers. May we live in peace, free from oppression. David ends by proclaiming that the people who live like that are blessed and their god is God.
It ties in well with verse 3’s question of why God cares for us so much when our lives on earth are so fleeting. I love the way the Message asks the question. “I wonder why you care, God – why do you bother with us at all?” We are troublesome, ungrateful, demanding, frequently walking away and yet God cares for us. He cares enough for us that He waters our crops, sends warmth to ripen the grain ready for harvest, and provides for our needs.
 (verse 3)
Accept the gifts we offer
For all They love imparts,
And, What Thou most desirest,
Our humble, thankful hearts.”
“All good gifts around us
Are sent from heaven above
Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,
For all His love.”
Amen to that.
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