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Ephesians 6:10-20
“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” v10 NIV
As we encounter change in our lives. As we wait for God’s direction and action in our lives. We need to maintain a focus on God. We need to focus on being strong in Him. Being strong in His mighty power.
But how do we do that when we feel so weak and ineffectual? There is an answer in 2 Corinthians 12:10. This verse tells us that when we are weak we are strong because of God in our lives. Put another way, we are strong and our focus should be more on that strength. It doesn’t matter where the strength comes from. We are strong when we are in God and His mighty power. Our weakness is transformed into Godly strength by God acting in us.
This strength is one of the biggest changes we make in life. God causes us to change and grow. We go from realising our weakness and total dependence on God to being strong in Him. To realising that we are strong because we are surrendered to God in our lives. That when we let go of our lives and allow Him to intervene, we become strong.
I spent a lot of my life feeling powerless and weak. This was the toll of abuse and bullying in my life. So I arrived in adulthood feeling disempowered. I did not have any power, any sense of strength in my life. I see that same sense of powerlessness in people today. I see it when people become angry and abusive when frustrated. They act out their sense of powerlessness. I see it when people become manipulative and controlling. They try to steal their power from others by controlling the actions of others.
On a larger scale, I see it in societal structures and in Governments, Government departments, businesses, the health system, the education system and so on. Mankind is weak and craves feeling strong. So mankind devises systems to build up system power and then individuals try to climb to the top of those systems.
All this is just chasing the wind. It doesn’t advance us as people and it doesn’t work to give us the strength we crave.
God has gently guided me through change in my life. From the first time I allowed Him into my life at 15, He has led me on a journey of change. I am not completely changed. That completion will not happen until I move from this life into eternal life with Him. But He is transforming me. And one of the biggest transformations for me has been becoming strong. Being strong means I can let go of situations and allow God to work in them. Being strong means I can forgive others (I am still working on that one – my sense of strength is still a work in progress!). Being strong means I can step out in faith to do the things God has asked me to do. Being strong means I do not have to hold tight to me but can instead give my self to God for His purposes. Being strong means I can confidently hold on to my faith, even when others challenge it. I haven’t come into full strength yet, that transformation is continuing, but I am strong enough to wait in the darkness for change to come.

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