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Psalm 35 continued.
“… Who is like you, O Lord? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.” V10 NIV.
I have been away travelling to conferences and visiting loved ones for three weeks now. Finally I have arrived home and been able to pack the suitcases away. I am mentally and physically weary. My mind is churning in an effort to absorb all the things I have learned over the past three weeks. God has shown me so much. I don’t want to forget any of that learning. So I have been trying to process everything and act on what I have learned and find the way forward. And that has been keeping me up at night. Added to that, I am trying to arrange for my oldest daughter to find a trainer for her soon to be delivered assistance pup. One trainer let me down at the last minute and I have been spending so much time in prayer that the new trainer I have applied to will accept her. Through all this my mind has been racing. I have been dreading bedtime because I know I will lie awake worrying and trying to process things. Finally God told me to be still and trust. In other words – WAIT patiently. Not something I am very good at.
In all this, the above verse from Psalm 35 stood out for me. God rescues us from those too strong for us. I don’t have to clutch tightly to learnings and insights. God will give me what I need, when I need it. If something I have learned is for me to do or change into, then God will ensure I remember it. And the trainer, well God has a plan there as well. As scary as the uncertainty of taking ownership in two weeks of a pup with no promised trainer is, God has a plan and it will all work out perfectly according to His plan.
God is in control and He will rescue us from those too strong for us and those who rob us. I have to work on being patient, letting go and trusting God. Every time I think I have learned that lesson well, I find I have only learned part of it and there is more to learn. But God is in control and He will rescue us.
As I meditated on this last night, instead of worrying, I felt a great peace come over me. The peace that God promises to those who trust in Him.
I will wait for that peace, in the darkness. And I will wait without fear. So much of our journey with Jesus is about learning to wait in the darkness, with patience, without fear and with trust.

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