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Psalm 35
I have not written a blog for several weeks. Usually I announce the break, but this one crept up on me. I was going away interstate to attend some conferences and visit my daughter. It had been my intention to continue writing my blogs, but time and internet connections prevented that. It is not to say I have not been thinking about what I should be writing. I have thought a lot about that. Many say I should have a stockpile of blogs written so I can just load one up at the appropriate time, but I have found that this lacks the immediacy of what I need to say. In some seasons of my life, God has given me the words to write in advance, so that I could do that, but not in the current season. How can I write about change and waiting, if I am not waiting on God to write each blog?
Psalm 35 is a wonderful psalm of change and waiting. David waited so long to come to the throne he had been anointed to occupy. He had been anointed with the change as a young man, but had to wait decades to come into that change. Yet he waited patiently and faithfully. The waiting allowed him to develop a great patience and faith in God. He trusted God and was prepared to wait.
I read this psalm over several days, pausing at moments that seemed important to meditate on. The first was in verse 3 “… say to my soul, “I am your salvation”.” NIV. At the end of verses where David is asking for God to intervene in a situation of attack, the focus is on God speaking to David’s soul “I am your salvation”. 
Meditate on those four words. The words contain a great stillness. A glimpse of the eternal. The majesty of God. Four simple words, yet overwhelmingly powerful. “I am your salvation”. No matter what obstacles we face, the essential truth still remains. God is our salvation through Jesus.
Try just sitting and speaking those words from God. Leave all other thoughts aside and just focus on those four words. What peace do they bring to you? What reassurance?
The words offer an opportunity to sit in the stillness that is God. You need never fear the stillness blocks change because change and waiting exist in this stillness. God’s change comes from the stillness and we wait in the stillness.
Perhaps what I am saying is a little strange? If so, I suggest sitting in the focus of those words and allowing that focus to drift to the voice between the words. To God as He brings us into His presence. This is where we need to be.

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