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Hebrews 11
I was talking to a friend recently. She had been struggling over recent years to find work in her field of work. She was desperate, financially and emotionally. She wanted work in her field and could only find work in other areas that barely paid her mortgage. Yet she had the means to work in her field by working from home. At the same time, I met another man who was desperate to work more hours because he was on the verge of bankruptcy. However becoming bankrupt would actually help him. Yet he refused to see the options available to him.
As I listened to these people, I was reminded of Hebrews 11. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. That chapter lists many of the patriarchs in the Old Testament and their faith in God and their faithfulness to God’s calling.
These people are no different to me. I am being called to change and am reluctant to step forward in Faith. Just as my friend and the man were being called but were reluctant to step forward.
I have a car that has adaptive cruise control. Frequently, when it is coming close to the car in front I intervene and put my foot on the brake. I don’t trust the technology to work. Yet when I resist the temptation to intervene, it slows down perfectly. When this happens, I am reminded of how our relationship to God is like my relationship to my car’s adaptive cruise control. We say we put faith in God, we determine we will, but at the last moment we balk, not quite trusting Him, and take control.
But God is calling us to step out in Faith. To trust that He can, will and wants to help us.
We need to trust, have faith and hold firm to God’s promises. Even when it looks like we will crash.
We need to step out into the changes He is asking us to make. And we need to trust Him as we make those changes.

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