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1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1
This section starts with Paul instructing the believers in an area of life that was the centre of a lot of disagreement at the time. Was it permissible to eat the meat of sacrificed animals? Paul said to the people what God had shown Peter in Acts 10, when He called Peter to go to the gentile Cornelius’s house. That is that all things are permissible.
All things may be permissible but not everything is good for us. Some things instead of building us up, drag us down. The things God wants us to do are those that build our characters and develop our spiritual life. He also wants us to consider the impact our behaviour has on others. For the Corinthian Christian given a meal at a non-believer’s house, the meal was something to praise God for. The meal was provided by God. But, if the non-believer told the Corinthian Christian the meat was from a sacrificed animal then the Corinthian needed to consider the impact eating that meat would have on the non-believer. It was still permissible to eat the meat but what message would it send to the non-believer? It may be the Corinthian decided to share with the non-believer about God’s provision for us and that all food is permissible for eating. The Corinthian may have shared that sacrificed meat is still permissible for eating because it is provided by God. The Corinthian may have felt that eating the meat may send a mixed message about faith to the Host and decided not to eat it. There is no hard and fast rule. In all things seek God and consider the effect your actions have on others.
The Message says we should live well. We should do everything with enthusiasm and joy in order to glorify God. We should also determine to help others live well. God gives us freedom to live our lives, but do not misuse that freedom by thoughtlessly harming others. Be considerate of the feelings of others.
We need to follow Jesus as our example. Reading the gospels is important to observe how Jesus behaved towards others. Note His concern for others. Note his compassion. Note the only times he spoke harshly were to the legalists in the Synagogue. This is how we are to follow Jesus. Paul suggests in 11:1 that we follow his example as He follows Jesus. He is not telling us to follow him, but to follow his example of living life by following Jesus.

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