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1 Corinthians 2:1-5
This section does not include the word follow but it is an important section for considering following Jesus.
Paul was a great orator and writer. His following of Jesus is a great inspiration for all of us. It is interesting to note his humility. He came as an ordinary person to proclaim God’s message. He was an ordinary person, but the message he proclaimed gave him authority others were able to recognise. Jesus carried an air of authority because of who He was and Paul, in following Jesus, carried an air of authority because of who Jesus was.
I once heard a very new graduate of a theology degree speak of how people have authority in church because of the years they have spent studying theology. He then went on to say that is the only authority on God. I was astonished at his ignorance. You can study theology to PhD level and still not know God or follow Him.
Many with authority, true God given authority, are ignored by others. Jesus is the classic example. The simple people had great faith in Him. But those who considered they had to spend years studying the scriptures and were the only ones who could speak with authority did not hear Jesus.
Think about it. Paul said our faith rests on God’s power, not on men’s wisdom.
Never fall into the trap of thinking that to follow God you have to have studied the Bible and learned all the correct doctrine around it.
Never fall into the trap of thinking you cannot know God unless you have all that learning.
Never fall into the trap of thinking you need to rely on someone with all that learning to teach you about God. But also do not shun learning about God.
The input of others is helpful, but it is God who will teach you and He will do that through following Jesus. You follow Jesus and learn from Him. Read the Bible yourself and ask God for the insight He wants you to have of those passages you have read.
Get to know God.
Get to know Him well.
That is the authority with which you follow God.

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