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John 21:15-25
I have read this passage so many times. I once walked a prayer walk meditating on this passage. My focus has always been on Jesus asking Peter if he loved Him and if he would feed His lambs. For the past few days I have been meditating on this verse focusing on the Follow Me aspect. That has been a challenge. As I prepared to write this verse I realised I needed to forget all the thoughts I have on this verse and see it with fresh eyes. There are many passages like that. The ones we read at Christmas, the ones we read at Easter, to name a few. There is always a requirement to clear our assumptions about the passages and listen to God. So today I have listened to God and this is what the message I have received.
Jesus asked Peter to follow Him. Before asking Peter to follow Him, He told Peter things about the type of death he would suffer. Then He asked Peter to follow Him. But Peter turned back and noticed that John was following them. He wanted to know what would happen to John and Jesus told Him that was not his business. What happened to John was up to Jesus.
Jesus wants us to follow Him. He wants us to follow Him without question. Following Jesus does not involve looking around and judging the other people who follow Jesus. It does not involve making assumptions about what is going to happen to them, or even asking Jesus for information. Your walk with Jesus is your business. The walk of others is not your business. Certainly, if you are concerned about someone you care about you can pray for their walk to be strong, but you do not have the right to know what their walk will be. Sometimes Jesus may tell you about another person, but you do not have the right to ask and expect an answer. As can be seen from this passage, when Peter asked about John, he turned away from Jesus. We are meant to turn towards Jesus, not away.
It is easy to get caught up in legalism and judging whether another person is “Christian” enough. It is easy then to question whether that person is truly following Jesus, even to feel superior because you believe you are following better. But in doing that, you have to take your eyes off Jesus. Don’t do that. That is not what Jesus wants.
Following Jesus involves trust, steadfastly following Him despite the temptation to look around, not comparing yourself to other followers and keeping your eyes on Jesus.
To do that effectively we need to leave our need to be important, receive favourable treatment, be given all the honour behind and trust Jesus to give us what we need.

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