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John 8:12
The more I study the writings of pre-reformation followers of Jesus, the more I realise that much of what people find attractive about other religions is right there in the following of Jesus. We just don’t know about it because years of religious differences have led to the these teachings being forgotten. Yet there is a deep hunger today in people for God. Not the religious observances of established churches, but the true God. The God the pre-reformation followers of Jesus knew intimately.
Hildegard of Bingen, writing in the 12th Century, taught about the Word of God that the Word is everywhere and in everything. Her reasoning was that “without the Word of God no creature has being. God’s Word is in all creation, visible and invisible.” This was her teaching on Jesus as a Cosmic Being who is the image of God in all things. She likened God to the light that is present in all things. She considered the word of God to be in all beings, both visible and invisible. She contended that even darkness contains light, which is God. The light is everywhere and sparks our creativity and generativity. To have being is to be a temple for the Word of God. Modern science has demonstrated that her words about light being in everything are true. She knew this because God told her. Sadly, we will be more likely to believe it because modern science has proven it.
Hildegard saw all creation as being active. She termed this ‘awakened’ and ‘called’. The Holy Spirit does the awakening and the calling. And everything around us that is natural is a manifestation of the divine Word, of Jesus.
So back to my comment about what people find attractive about other religions. At the core of Buddhist practice is the idea of being awakened. This is what Hildegard realised, back in the 12th Century, that faith in Jesus was all about. Being awakened by the light that is in all creation. The light that is God. The light that makes us one with God. Our identity is tied up with God. We are complete in God. We are one with all of creation because all are created by God. When we awaken, we identify with all of creation. We are one with God and we are called to be His warriors and prophets by His Word dwelling in us. This elusive oneness is what people seek in other religions, but it is here in the true faith of Christianity.
Here in John 8:12 Jesus tells the people that He is the light of the world. The light that is in all creation, even darkness. As Jesus said, we will never walk in darkness when we follow Jesus because we will have the light of life.
That is so amazing. When I first read that I sat for a long time just absorbing all that one verse teaches us. When looking at it through what Hildegard of Bingen taught it is truly amazing and awe inspiring. This is something I will continue to meditate on because it changes my understanding of following Jesus. In many ways it makes following Him easier. That understanding of His light in me as a created being. It also introduces a philosophy that is going to take a lot of reflection to comprehend fully.
In the meantime, we who follow Jesus will never walk in darkness. The world around us may seem dark, but we will never be in the dark because of Jesus in us. And if we follow Him in Truth we will walk with the awareness of our oneness with all His creation.

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