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Deuteronomy 6:1-7
This passage does not include the word “follow”, but it is important in following God. It speaks of the need to fear God. Not fear as in being afraid, but fear as in having reverential trust in God including a commitment to His revealed will (word). In this world after Jesus walked on the earth, this includes being committed to Jesus.
We need to have reverential trust in God so that God can fulfil His will in us. Without that faith and trust that allows God’s will in our lives, He will not fulfil that will.
Verse 5 is also very important. We are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength”. There are no half measures with God. We must keep those thoughts constantly in mind. We need to talk about them to each other. We must teach them to our children. Following God carries with it a commitment to make God number one in our lives. To put Him above all else. To do anything else is to not follow God. There is no other way.
Someone suggested to me recently that I should tone down my message because people who do not believe in Jesus will be upset at my saying there is only one way to follow God. My answer to them? There is only one way to follow God. To suggest otherwise is to not follow God.
Following God includes putting concerns at offending others aside and taking the direction God gives to us. There is no other way to God than Jesus. We cannot water that down or avoid speaking of it. The true follower, the one who loves God with all their heart, soul and strength, cannot deny the truth that Jesus is the only way to God, the only way to follow God. When on this earth, Jesus did not water down the message of God in order to avoid causing offence. And neither should we.

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