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Jesus followed God – Easter Monday.
Mark 14-16
This blog was supposed to be an Easter Saturday blog, but I realised then I needed to go through Easter Sunday before writing it.
It struck me in the lead up to Easter that, just as we are called to follow Jesus, He followed God. This is seen through the four Gospels, as we read of the times Jesus went by himself to spend time with God. But it is particularly obvious during the last week before His crucifixion. At the last Supper, according to Mark, Jesus spoke of how He would go with those He was betrayed to “just as it is written about Him” (14:21). Mark then relates how, during the supper, Jesus handed out the bread He had broken with the instruction to “take it, this is my body” (v22). He then follows this with the instruction to drink of the cup he offered them. This cup contained the blood of the covenant. Not the covenant broken by Israel, but the new covenant. This covenant was to be different to the covenant God made with their forefathers. This was the covenant Jesus would make with the people. God would put His law in our minds and write it on our hearts. There would be an opportunity for all to know God and not rely on others to tell them about God. This covenant would result in God forgiving our wrongs and not remembering them any more (Jeremiah 31:31-34). This is the covenant Jesus was to make. For millennia God had told the people this covenant was coming. Jesus came to earth to follow the prophesy and make this covenant with us.
If Jesus had not followed God, we would not be saved. When we have the example of what Jesus did not us, it is not too big an ask for us to follow Him. It is also important to remember the words of Jeremiah mentioned above. God told us that we would know Him directly. We would not need another person to tell us about God because we would know Him ourselves. Remember this. Know God personally. Do not rely on another person, be it a family member, a pastor or anyone else, to tell you how to know God. Know Him yourself.
If we love Jesus and believe in Him and have accepted His forgiveness for our sins, how could we not follow Him?

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