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These words are attributed to King Lemuel, but he attributes them to his mother. It is the advice the mother gives her son to follow. It is advice from her wisdom. It is advice he is well to heed until he learns his own wisdom and sees her advice is very wise.
The first thing she tells him to do is not to chase large numbers of women. To avoid filling his harem or indulging in sexual immorality. Maintaining that number of relationships will distract him from his duties and also wear him out. This advice does not just belong to kings. We would all do well to follow that advice. To avoid large numbers of relationships and sexual immorality. Our life should be one of following Jesus, not following sexual conquests.
The next thing his mother tells him is to not drink to excess. No binge drinking, no drinking to get drunk. No indulging in hedonistic pleasures. No excess. The danger of giving in to drink and other pleasures is that you will forget God, forget His law and decrees and follow ways that lead to destruction. You may also become guilty of injustice against others. His mother tells him strong drink is best given as medicine to one who is dying or to one who is in bitter distress and, for a little while, needs to forget his misery.
Instead Lemuel’s mother instructs him to defend those who cannot speak for themselves, to defend those who are defenceless. He is also to judge righteously and administer justice for the poor and needy. In this, she is summing up God’s instructions to Moses in Exodus. God has always had a requirement for us to defend the poor, the foreigner among us and the widow. We would do well, in this age where racism is increasing and compassion for our fellow man, especially the refugee, is waning, to remember this. God wants us to speak up about injustice. God wants us to have a heart of compassion for the poor. God wants us to care for the refugee. God wants us to stop listening to the evil of the racist and the person who does not care for the poor. God wants us to care, to seek justice and to have compassion.
One of the important themes running through Proverbs has been just this. We are to live lives of moderation and seek good. We are to avoid excess but instead seek our pleasure in our relationship with God. We are to defend the defenceless against injustice and turn our backs on racism and uncaring attitudes. God wants us to yearn for Him. He wants us to follow Him. He wants us to turn our backs on thoughts and attitudes that damage us and cause us pain. God wants all of us and he wants us to follow Him. Are you willing?

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