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Psalm 27.
Just a quick word for Christmas Day. As I have considered the theme of waiting for God my final thoughts have gone to Mary. She had a lot of waiting to do. And in those final hours of her pregnancy she had a long, tiring journey to take. Waiting for the baby to come and hoping it would come after she reached Bethlehem. I wonder, as she sat uncomfortably on the jolting back of that donkey, exhausted by the trip, if she worried she may be giving birth to her baby by the side of the road? A woman who is pregnant usually looks forward to a time of rest before the birth of her baby. But Mary could not do that. I don’t know how much of that journey she rode on the donkey, but it appears to have been some of it. Either way, she would have arrived in Bethlehem exhausted. And to find nowhere in the entire town where she could stay! By now she may have feel the first stirrings of labour. Did she think she would have to give birth to her baby on a street corner? There must have been relief at being given a stable to stay in but of all places a stable with the animals! Not the idea we have today of a clean, dry location with lots of support to give birth. It was just Mary, Joseph and some animals, as well as the muck you find in a stable. Mary had waited a long forty weeks for this baby to be born. She had waited through the long hours of the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. She had waited as Joseph fruitlessly searched for a room for her to give birth in. And she waited through the hours of her labour. Finally he was there. The baby conceived by the Holy Spirit. The one who would bring salvation to the World. The Messiah. The wait was over. And the wait was just begun. 33 long years of waiting. But Mary did not know that on that night he was born.

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