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Mark 1:1-4, Luke 2:1-7, John 1:1-18
I am writing this on Christmas Eve. I have been reflecting on the Advent journey to Christmas. Much of that time has been taken up with me trying to finish a research paper to complete my Masters, but finishing has not happened. I was not surprised, God had indicated as much in my prayers. He wanted me to stop and complete the paper properly after Christmas. It was so hard to do. I wanted to finish, to be done with studying by Christmas. But God had other plans and I have to accept that. Yesterday I read a wonderful piece of writing by John O’Donohue. He wrote of the Celtic perception of time as eternity in disguise. He spoke of how Celtic people embraced the day as a sacred space. I wonder how life would be if I did that every day? I wonder how your life would be if you did that every day? John went on to write that Christmas reminds us to “glory in the simplicity and wonder of one day”. Simplicity. How simple are modern Christmases? As I was forced to rest I contemplated all the things I had not done and realised I was okay with that. If simple is what Jesus had born in a stable then isn’t simple the best way for us to be at Christmas? How about we stop? John  wrote that stopping and wondering about the day will reveal to us the “extraordinary that our hurried lives conceal and neglect”. He went on to say that “We desperately need to make clearances in our entangled lives to let out souls breathe.” This is something that I have spent a lot of time contemplating over the past frantically busy months. So much has happened in our family this year. There has been study, multiple appointments for my daughter, two deaths of aged fathers, an unexpected house move, two days each week completing a student placement at a busy domestic violence unit as well as work. There has been precious little time for physical rest, let alone stopping to allow my soul to breathe. How has your year been? Have you found it so busy you long to just stop to let that soul breathe?
God wants us to stop, and breathe, and be with him.

To wait.

Christmas should be about that. About sitting quietly with the baby Jesus, with the wonder of that time when God came to earth to dwell.

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