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Same sex marriage is a hot topic in Australia at the moment. There is a ‘no’ campaign that is one of lies designed to misrepresent the truth and scare people into voting ‘no’. This is not acceptable to God. There is an attitude that we must be a Christian society.  But we aren’t. Christianity has never been a truly dominant religion. At the time of Jesus the Jews were a small proportion of the world and although in Judah they were the majority, they weren’t elsewhere. Many Jews lived outside that area. Jesus grew up in Nazareth, a gentile area. In Jesus’ time, the Jewish faith and later, the faith that followed Him, was small and insignificant.
The idea of Christianity taking over the world came about because of Western civilization and the dominance of the Catholic Church. Christianity was a cultural norm. But there were no more Christians in past times than there are now. There were plenty of people who went through the observances of faith but a lot of them never knew God because people didn’t have access to the Bible, they weren’t taught who God was, the priests didn’t necessarily know God either. It was about power and governments having control. The church hierarchy was very secular and this has never changed. Through all this there have never been more Christians than there are now.
I see people who are from generations of church attendees and they call themselves Christians and they think they are, but they have never actually met God. And if you ask how they came to know God there’s not really that sense of them being convicted by the Holy Spirit of the need to worship God, of the need to be with God, of the need for salvation. This cultural practice has sprung up to cover all those people, the generations who have never known God and never actually believed in Him. Because they didn’t ever meet God and they didn’t know they had to meet God. I feel so angry that people were never given the opportunity to know God. The need of the established church to have power and control was greater than the desire to share God around.
Then there were those who were sent into ministry by their parents. They didn’t enter ministry out of faith and they weren’t necessarily doing what God intended them to do. And if they didn’t know God and have a personal relationship with God how could they teach others? People go to churches and maybe at some stage in their lives they have known God and maybe they never have. They have never been taught to critically analyse, question, to challenge what they are doing. They just follow blindly and they think this is what you are supposed to do. They think this is what faith in God is and they don’t read the Bible to work it out for themselves. Or they read the Bible always with a study guide so they have been told “this is what you are supposed to believe”. Often they will just read it in church when the study guide is the sermon telling them what to believe.
People hold the idea that Christians have to have it all their own way and not have to live in a world with other people and other faiths. But what makes them think that Christians should live in this world as though there is nobody else? It didn’t happen in Jesus time, or the days of the early church. We should have a faith in God that is individual and not dependent on our neighbour having a faith in God. We should have a faith that exists because we have a personal relationship, commitment to and connection with God.
God is in control, and He will intervene where necessary. The ‘no’ campaigners don’t trust God enough to let go and ask God. Running a campaign to scare people into voting ‘no’ is the act of someone who does not have faith.

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