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This verse speaks of two things.
First, it speaks of the wicked who flee although no one pursues them. The verses they link to are Leviticus 26:17, 36 and Psalm 53:5. In Leviticus, God speaks to the Israelites and tells them He will set his face against the wicked of Israel and they will be defeated and will flee when they are not pursued. God will send fear and dejection into their hearts. They will be terrified by a falling leaf and will flee even when there is no danger. Reading that made me think of people today with their extreme fears. People who wrap their children in cotton wool because they are afraid of so many unlikely things happening to them. People who hate others who are different because they are afraid of ‘terrorism’. People who are terrified of the media hype around being burgled, attacked. People whose minds are full of terror and dread because God has rejected them.
So much of the fear in the western world today is more about losing sight of God. Of rejecting God. Of preferring cultural practices ahead of God. This includes people who attend churches that place more emphasis on cultural observances and personal prejudices and do not individually and prayerfully read God’s word. Be careful when you walk away from God, when you oppose Him by overriding His message with your own. Beware, because He will reject you. Instead of being filled with the confidence and serenity of being in God, you will be filled with fear and confusion. And it will be seen in the fears that drive you and cause you to retreat from engagement with the world. In fears that cause you to follow unGodly causes, to support leaders who lack faith in God, to support prejudicial groups who speak hatred and intolerance.
The second thing it speaks of is the courage of the faithful. Instead seek to be the one who confesses and praises God with your whole heart. Who worships God and praises God for His truth and faithfulness. Who exalts and magnifies God. The one who calls on God and is given the inner strength to hold firm to God in faith. Seek to be the humble one God respects, not the haughty, proud one God rejects. Know that God will watch over you as you walk through times of trouble. Trust that He will strengthen you through the darkest storm and save you in His time. Trust that God is full of mercy and loving kindness. (Psalm 138).
Remember Romans 8:38 and be convinced that nothing in all creation, even angels or demons, can separate you from God’s love in Jesus Christ our Lord. When you have that conviction then you have the heart of God, the heart of a lion, and you can step forward into life with courage, knowing you are always in God’s love.

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