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In life seek friendships because that is how God made us. Accept that your friends will teach you many things. Interacting with them and learning how to be around other people will cause you to grow in wisdom. The fool does not allow the refining action of friends. Instead he walks or seeks to control other people when growth opportunities arise.
Be diligent in your work. Seek to honour others and you will find honour will come to you. Make sure your motive in honouring others is to benefit them not you, or you will be disappointed when honour does not always come to you. Love others and behave according to what God lays on your heart. This will make you a person of good character. Good character is a mark of integrity and wisdom.
Learn to be satisfied with the things of God. The pleasures of this earth are seductive, but they do not necessarily lead you to a good place. Temptations will come in to your life that tempt you away from the path God has set you on. Stand firm. Resisting that temptation is refining you, proving your good character.
Do not waste much time on the foolish person. You cannot change them and your time will be wasted. Only the fool can change himself. Instead pray for the fool, that he may know God and learn wisdom.
Be careful with your possessions and know what is yours. Accept that possessions are transient, but must be cared for when they are yours. Work diligently and learn to reduce wastage. In this way you will be able to sustain yourself and your family.
All these things refine you, polish the rough bits and increase your wisdom. They are part of the narrow road you travel on following Jesus.

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