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How do we treat others?
Remember anger and fury are unpleasant. But jealousy is worse. That drip, drip of poison. Opportunities to make nasty comments. Demands to prove yourself and your loyalty. That is far more unpleasant in the long run. It destroys relationships. So resist jealousy. Better to discuss your concerns and take them to God than allow them to eat away at you or to allow another person’s jealousy to cause unpleasantness.
You do need to be careful with your anger. It is wiser to assertively enforce a boundary than passive-aggressively attack someone who did not know your boundaries because you didn’t tell them. Remember that the lovingly set boundary is better than never expressing love and gratitude. Of course you should express love and gratitude to others but some people are not good at that. Sometimes friends hurt each other then seek to redress the wrong. You can trust that friend who is mostly loyal and kind to you. But the enemy who is usually nasty and suddenly decides to be nice? Don’t trust them.
Live a pure life seeking the delights of God. Be careful not to fill yourself up too much with the things of this world. They are very seductive and give easy pleasure. But they are like sugar, it gives a sudden burst of sweetness but it wears off and leaves you hungrier for more. And it ruins your taste for genuinely beautiful subtle flavours. In the same way, a desire for the flashy things of this world may cause you to miss the blessings of God.
Stand firm in your faith or you may be tempted to turn away from God and wisdom. Seek the things of God. They are far more beautiful than the things of this world.
Trust your friends to support you when you need it, and be the supportive friend you want them to be. In times like these it is tempting to fall back on family, but not all families will give you the support God can. And sometimes friends will be the ones God intends as your supporters.
Remember the wise person brings joy to the wise parents. So seek to be wise and teach your children to be wise also. Most parents say they want their children to grow up to be decent people who are happy in life and able to have good relationships and earn a living. That is the path of wisdom. That is what brings joy to parents.
A wise person keeps alert for situations where it is wiser to leave then continue on. Remember the saying about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread. Sometimes it is better to avoid bad situations with others. The wise person knows when to do that.
So in our dealings with other people we must remember love. Be loving and accepting of others, just as Jesus was. When you love others you will find it easier to temper your behaviour to not cause harm to others. You will find it easier to follow God and His path. And you will know when it is best to withdraw.

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