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Don’t boast about the wonderful things to come in your future. You do not know what will come and may end up looking foolish. It is one thing to plan and another to arrogantly boast of how great you will be. You may get to tomorrow and find what you expected does not happen and that is a real egg in your face moment!
Do not rely on recognition to feel good about yourself. And don’t promote yourself excessively at inappropriate moments. It is okay to acknowledge the things you have done, but choose your timing wisely. If you do not you may be seen as boasting and in that instance that is actually what you are doing. Do remember that if another person praises you, graciously accept it. You deserve recognition for what you do.
Heavy labouring work is hard. But it is easy compared to the behaviour of the fool. God does not expect you to put up with such people and it is important you honour yourself enough to walk away from them. Do not think God expects you to put up with them. I have had at least three instances in my life where God has told me to walk away from people. In each instance they were Christians. In each instance I learned later these people had been doing terrible things to me behind my back. So never think you have to be friends with someone who makes you uncomfortable and does not treat you well. Only stay there if God tells you to. This does not mean what other people claim God has said. You do not know if they have truly heard from God or just that their message suits their own agenda. Always seek God yourself.

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