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We find what little we know of God is hard to understand, and rightly so. If we consider each other, we cannot even understand our human neighbour’s mind. But God does.
In following God, aim to free yourself of your own faults but accept the fact you will never be perfect. Surrender to God as He refines you, removing the impurities within you. If you are a leader then surrender constantly to God, not to recognition. Be humble, do not consider yourself above others.
Be careful when interacting with others. Do not rush to assumption making. Listen. Consider carefully all evidence you have gained by talking to many people. Consider carefully what you have heard in light of your knowledge of those people. Seek God’s wisdom in understanding. If you rush to assumption making, you may be humiliated when the truth is revealed as completely different to your assumption.
Remember to never betray another person’s confidence, even when you are arguing and desperate to prove a point. Not only will you have betrayed another, but you will be known as one who cannot be trusted.
The person who keeps their counsel is pleasant to be around and enjoyed. Such a person who exercises patience in negotiations will be rewarded by having her words listened to. But avoid the big talker, all fluff and no substance. That person will never persuade others and will fail in negotiations.
Better to be the wise person, than the vacuous fool.

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