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These are more sayings of Solomon, revived by Hezekiah, his descendant. Hezekiah led a revival of faith over the Southern Kingdom in the days after the fall of the Northern Kingdom. Hezekiah considered these proverbs were essential guidelines for correct God following behaviour. Our culture may have changed, but the guidelines for following God are timeless.
The first things these proverbs establish is the knowledge that God receives Glory because we do not understand His universe or the way He rules it. No amount of scientific advances can achieve the understanding of God’s universe or the way He rules it. God will always be greater than any knowledge we can acquire.
In Deuteronomy 29:29 we read that secret things, things not known to us, belong to God. There are things He reveals to us and our children that are ours forever. These are revealed so that we may follow Him and all the words of His law. This includes the scientific advances that have been made over the centuries. They are not, as some try to make them, our Tower of Babel that will give us the knowledge of God. They are actually things God has allowed us to know so that we may follow Him closer.
In Job 26:14 Job speaks of things we know about God as the outer fringe of His works. Things that are like a faint whisper because they are just a fragment of what He does and who He is. In addition, we understand so little of what God reveals to us. It is difficult to understand the full extent of God’s might. We have brilliant brains, but they will never match the brilliance of God.
If you have time, read Isaiah 40:12-24 and Romans 11:33-36. They speak with great beauty of God’s greatness. That He is above all.
The correct response to that revelation of God’s might is awe, reverence, worship, knowledge of our own insufficiency, and gratitude at His covering over of our inadequacies (In short, His undeserved favour). It can be easy to forget that, to get caught up in arguments over the interpretation of scripture. But how we interpret the Books of the Bible is irrelevant compared to God and that personal relationship each one of us has with God. A personal relationship that draws us closer to God, and involves us leaving behind the ways of the world to follow Jesus.
As His servants here on earth, it is important to acknowledge that God gives us discernment that we may serve him with wisdom, distinguishing between right and wrong. (1Kings 3:9). He gives us Himself, that we may know Him. He gives us the choice to submit to and follow Him. That is true wisdom.

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