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The 30 sayings are finished, but more sayings follow and here are some of them.
If you see an injustice don’t go along with it. It may cost you to stand up against injustice but do it anyway because it is what God wants you to do. And serving God is more important.
Do not collaborate to hide the actions of those who do wrong. You may be penalised for your stand, but history and God will vindicate you.
It feels good to give and receive an honest answer, so seek to do that.
Do the work that sustains your life before you seek the comfort of life. Save money before spending it. A lovely home is no use if you cannot afford food. This is common sense and important to remember in this age of consumerism when credit card providers encourage us to spend what we cannot repay.
Don’t gossip about people or falsely accuse them of wrong doing. Don’t seek revenge. These are not behaviours God approves of and they lead you away from Him, not to Him. And being with God is the best and wisest place to be.
Work diligently to provide your needs. Do what you can. Don’t sit back and be lazy because those behaviours will lead to you not having money. Remember there may be times when illness, duty, or inability to find work stops you working. You are not being lazy when that happens. Ask God for the help you need. And don’t judge others who are unable to work or cannot find work. That is different to laziness and God expects such people to be supported.

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