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The writer of Proverbs pauses here to review what he has already written. Perhaps he thinks people are growing bored and have stopped listening. Or that they have forgotten why they should desire wisdom
He wants us to treasure the words of God’s wisdom. To bury them in our hearts. To treasure them. To see their true value and delight in contemplating the beautiful wisdom of God. This beautiful gift of God. To speak confidently of this wisdom, without hesitation. To ensure you trust God who gives you wisdom. Who is wisdom.
Then he wants us to take note of 30 truths that will guide us to remain rooted in God.
1.Do not take advantage of the poor. Don’t under pay them, cheat them, take them to court where you will win because you have the money for silver tongued lawyers and they don’t, or do anything that seeks to harm them. God will defend them and He will take what you have taken from them, their life, and return it to them. Do not think you will escape punishment. Remember, no amount of pious words uttered in church on a Sunday and no amount of exalted church positions you hold, will protect you from this punishment.
2.Be careful who you mix with. You will develop the attitude of those whose company you keep. Especially avoid the angry hotheads who do not know how to deal with their anger in a healthy way. In similar fashion, avoid those who profess to love God but speak words of hate. They will lead you away from the love of God and lead to your downfall.
3.Don’t gamble on the promise of an elusive win. Whether that involves the act of gambling or taking risks not sanctioned by God. You will lose if you take those risks.
4.Don’t steal what belongs to others. God has given those things to the other person and it is His right alone to take it back. Hand your resentment and desires to God and wait for Him. And if He says you may not have those things too, then accept that is His will for your life.
5.Finally, when you work, be honest and diligent. Don’t allow others to take advantage of your and honour your need for self care. But make sure you do your job honestly and with the desire to complete the tasks. Remember that honesty and diligence does not mean working more than your allotted work hours or taking work home. Nor does it allow your employer to take advantage of you. Nor does it involve you over striving to achieve perfection. God wants you to work to the best of your ability to complete tasks. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I will continue a discussion of the 30 truths in the next blog.

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