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This section speaks of the importance of training our children in the ways of wisdom. The way of training is the way we read of in Ephesians 6v4 which admonishes parents not to provoke their children to anger and resentment through their actions but instead to raise their children with tenderness in training them in the discipline and counsel of God. Children need to learn from their parents the wisdom of seeking God.
It is important to teach your children:

  • that the rich rule over the poor and to be careful not to borrow from them.
  • that the wicked in life use their power to oppress others. So do not seek to be like that, because God will bring disaster on the wicked and take away their power.
  • that using power to oppress your spouse is wrong and God will punish them severely for that. Forget the unBiblical teaching that claims a man can do what he wants to his wife and she must obey him. The Bible does not say that. It asks women to choose to submit to the husband who puts her needs above those of his own. If he doesn’t and he abuses her, God does not require her to stay.
  • to remember also that the person who mocks, insults, argues and causes strife will be removed and no one will miss them. In contrast, the pure of heart person who is gracious, generous hearted and wise is respected.
  • that God watches over knowledge and frustrates the words of those who do not seek it.
  • and finally, God warns that the person who seeks favour with the rich and the person who makes wealth by underpaying their workers, especially those who are poor, both these sinful types will come to poverty. They already possess poverty of spirit. God may bring them to poverty in life or in death. Whenever it happens, it will not be pleasant for those wicked people.

Be pure of heart and a lover of wisdom. Let your child see how much you love God and teach them the joy of a personal relationship with God. Teach your child in love. Your child will grow up and may test the limits of what you have taught them. And they need to do that. They need to meet and know God themselves. Without an intermediary. If you have taught your child well and encircled them in prayer, God will watch over them and bring them to Himself in His perfect time.

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