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This is a good moment to stop and reflect and this is what the writer of Proverbs has done here. Proverbs hinges on these two verses. True wisdom comes from humility and a reverent, worshipful fear of God. True wisdom bring blessing and honour and, most importantly, life in God’s presence for those who possess Godly wisdom.
As we journey through life, the wise follow Jesus on the difficult narrow path. It is not an apparently easy, broad road. And it requires sacrifice. It requires relinquishing your own desires and taking on those of Jesus. The broad, easy road of the unwise looks wonderful. But it is a dangerous road. There are hidden potholes and slippery mud that traps the traveller and throws him off the road.
In addition, the traveller on the road away from God travels alone. The traveller on the narrow road travels in Jesus’ footsteps. He lights the way so she can see where to safely put her feet. He protects and assists her when He knows she needs it. He guides her on a path He has already stepped on. The path feels difficult. Steep in places. Sometimes dark. Sometimes foggy. Yet she can always see where to put her feet because Jesus is the lamp to her path. Sometimes she cannot see Him. Sometimes she struggles to believe He is there. She forgets that He is lighting her way. But she is wise and she perseveres and holds on to His promises. Trusting He will honour them. Finally she can see Him again and remember that He has promised to always be with her.
The way of the wicked appears easy, but it is treacherous and the wicked often fall off. But the way of the wise is a sure and steady road to God.

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