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Psalm 98

Reading this psalm spoke to me of the need to drop everything and praise God. 
By this I mean putting aside our feelings. Putting aside our anger, despondency, depression, fear and whatever else is overwhelming us at the moment. Putting aside all the burdens we are carrying. Putting aside our to do lists and all the “ought tos” that plague our days.
Sometimes we just need to drop everything and sing of the joy of God. Sing praise to God. Remind ourselves of His love and faithfulness. Acknowledge our salvation. Shout with joy and join all of creation in the joy of praise. Be with the oceans as they resound with joy. Clap our hands with the rivers. Sing with the mountains songs of joy. Sing before God with Joy.
Lose yourself, if only for a few minutes, in the joy of praising God.
What a wonderful expression of joy.


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Psalm 96

Sing to the Lord a new song (v1). Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name (v8). Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; (v11). In fact let the sea, the fields, the trees and all within them be sing for joy. (v11-12)
Joy is not just something for we humans. Joy is something for all creation. So great is God that all creation sings His praise and feels joy in His presence.
This puts a new perspective on everything. It is not just us that are aware of God’s presence. If all creation can rejoice too then should we be treating creation with more respect as a precious creation of God? Should our proper attitude be one of solidarity with all creation in worshipping God?
If we are one with creation, then that means we should have a different attitude to the world around us. Instead of seeing it as something to exploit, we should see it as God intended. That is, as something we are given custodianship of.

What can you do to be a good custodian of creation?

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Psalm 95

Following Jesus has two aspects to it. There is the part where we praise God. Where we sing for Joy at His salvation. Where we are thankful for the good He has done for us. Where we sing and make music in Joy at His greatness.
The other part is the one of choice. The choice to submit to Him. The choice to follow Him when things go wrong. The choice to not retaliate against those who hurt us, but instead to seek God’s guidance. Verse 8 admonishes us to “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts …”. That is the choice we have, to not harden our hearts.
The one aspect of following Jesus is to praise and be joyful, the other aspect is to choose to ask for guidance before acting. One cannot exist without the other.

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Psalm 94

Life can seem so overwhelming. It is particularly hard when injustice seems to be the dominant feature of life. When we see the poor struggling with injustice that denies them decent housing, opportunities for education, health care, futures. When we see the refugees, millions of them, languishing in remote tent camps. People who once lived lives like ours but are now stuck in limbo in a world that doesn’t want them. When we see a justice system that unfairly targets people from minority groups. There is so much that is wrong about this world.
It is hard to feel joy when faced with such injustice.
Yet this injustice is not of God. He is the champion of justice.
We know that some day he will punish those who mete out so much injustice. In the meantime He will not forget those who are hurt and struggling. He will love and comfort them. He will give them opportunities for Joy.
None of us have the answers to the question of why injustice occurs. I believe when we are in heaven then we will know. I wonder then if we will actually need to know the answer.

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Psalm 92

“It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name O Most High” (v1 NIV).

There is so much in life to praise God for. There is so much to be grateful for. We can choose to note all those times of gratitude and praise. The helpful friend, the beautiful sunrise, the new job, the blessing of a baby. There is so much in life if we choose to see it.
This psalm always draws me to consider gratitude. It is a good one to read as an encouragement to seek out the good things to praise God for. To choose to seek out the good rather than the negative.
It is in this praise and seeking of the praiseworthy things that we can draw nearer to God. It is in this praise that we can experience Joy. It is in the quiet thank you for the sunrise that we can feel Joy.
Today, you might like to join me in seeking out the praiseworthy things and thanking God for all He does.




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