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1 Chronicles 29:17

Here in this passage we see David at the end of his life. He has not led a perfect life. He is after all human. But he has sought God as much as he could and been prepared to accept God’s correction. He has sought to serve God faithfully. He has sought to acknowledge God in every step of his life. He has given to God willingly and with honest intent. His sole aim has been to give God what is His with gratitude and awe at God’s unfathomable greatness. And his wish as King of Israel is that his people would love God as he does. So in this moment at the end of his life he sees the people giving voluntarily and freely to God and He feels great joy. David knew God and knew that He did not value what was seen on the surface. He valued what was underneath, hidden away where others could not see. God wants our true selves and we get so caught up in pleasing others that we forget that and seek to do what is seen by others, and forget what is inside us is where God receives from us. David understood God looked to our attitudes and desires and gave to God from the heart, honestly and happily. Then he saw the people doing the same, giving freely and willingly and felt such joy. As the King he took the responsibility of his people’s relationship with God very seriously. Nothing gave him more joy than to see his people loving God.
This wholehearted serving of God was most important. The law with its restrictions and bondages was not important. It was the inner attitude of the people that mattered. And David felt such joy at seeing that inner attitude of his people.

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1 Chronicles 16:33
A few verses further into Chapter 16 there is another reference to Joy. This joy is a response to coming into the presence of God in all His glory. This is the joy that is the response of the believer. In these verses it is also the response of all of creation. The sea, the fields, the trees all sing for joy before God.
It is important to remember that all of God’s creation is able to praise God. In Luke 19:38-40 Jesus makes his entry into Jerusalem. All the people sing praise to Him. When the pharisees tell Him to rebuke His disciples and stop them praising, He responds by pointing out that it is not possible because if they keep quiet the stones will cry out. As Jesus said, it is not possible to quiet praise and rejoicing in God. Even the stones will cry out in praise of God. Luke 19 is a good example of creation’s ability to praise God.
It is worth remembering the connection all of creation has to God. When there is a rush to clear trees for yet another housing development, or another mine. When there is a total disregard of the emissions caused by burning fossil fuels. When we thoughtlessly allow the extinction of animal species. When forests are cleared for palm oil, or beef farming. When we fail to consider our role as custodians of God’s creation. When we fail to spend time acknowledging our connection to the rest of God’s creation. When we do all these things, we fail to acknowledge God. We fail to respect what He has created. We fail to honour God. And we silence the Joy of all creation. And in doing that, we silence our own Joy.

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1 Chronicles 16:27

This verse is found inside chapter 16 of 1 Chronicles. David has brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. There is great rejoicing and David has a Psalm of Thanks that accompanies the sacrifices and rejoicing at God’s blessing. This Psalm calls on all to give thanks to God and to remember and tell of all God’s wonderful acts. It calls on us to seek God constantly.
In case the people have forgotten, David relates the wonders of what God has done for them and reminds the people that God is full of splendour and majesty. His dwelling place is one of strength and joy.

Powerful words.

When we seek God with a longing to sit at His feet, we find Him. We find His splendour and majesty. We are filled with His strength and joy. These things are so linked to God, we cannot find Him without finding those as well. They are the blessings He pours out upon us. Those blessings of true value. Those blessings that are able to withstand all that life throws at us. Those blessings that allow us to remain strong in His arms. Our challenge is to remember them and stay in His arms, even when life disrupts our faith in those blessings. We need to embrace the uncertainty of life and lean into the faith in God through all the uncertainty.

Then we can know Joy.

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1 Chronicles 12 especially 38-40

This passage chronicles the arrival in Ziklag of fighting men from the 12 tribes to support David and make him king. There was much celebration as the people came with food supplies to support David’s army. The Bible records there was much joy in Israel and the assembled troops celebrated with a great banquet.

It is placed in the Bible after the passage detailing the death of Saul and David being crowned King. This passage notes that these fighting men had come to David to support him in defeating Saul. It is notable that even Saul’s own tribe of Benjamin sent fighting men to support David.

This is a contrast to the story of Gideon’s family in Judges.

Here there is true rejoicing in God’s provision. It is noted in the study notes that this feast is seen as a portent of the future Messianic feast. As there will be much joy at that final feast, so the people experienced joy in the celebration there at Ziklag.

We can experience great joy here on earth. God will send us much cause to celebrate. And some day we will be present at the Messianic feast and experience the greatest Joy that only God can give.

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Holding back the storm

Today I am breaking from the search through the Bible to share insights from a dream I had a few days ago. In my dream I was on a ferry with a small group of people in rough seas. Suddenly we were cast adrift in a wooden row boat that had capsized. The storm was wild and we are treading water close to perilous rocks at the base of a cliff. Someone in the group called out that there was a huge wave coming and I braced for what I thought may drag me under or dash me to pieces on the rocks. As I did this, I said a quick prayer to God asking Him to help me. I believed He would help me in some way, I didn’t know how. As I waited for the wave it did not come. Were the others exaggerating? I looked around and there was the immense wave suspended in mid air. God had helped me by holding the wave so I had time to find somewhere to clamber ashore.
As I reflected on this dream I understand that this is always God’s promise and action. I am safe in His Care. Sometimes He will give me the strength I need. Other times He holds the waves.
In this security and assurance of safety I can rejoice. God’s reliability is a great cause for Joy. When we submit to His plans we can be assured that He is not going to bring us to harm.
In God there is perfect Joy.




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