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Psalm 130:5
One of the things that happens to us when we come into a time of darkness is that we usually stop sitting and waiting. Initially anyway. We tend to rush around trying to fix things. As a counsellor I find that one of the quickest ways my clients find life feeling out of control is to “leave their bodies”. By this I mean to spend so long in their heads, worrying about what to do, where to go, what has happened, what they are doing tomorrow, and so on, that they fail to pay attention to what is happening here, now. They lose sight of the present moment.
How many times have you felt distressed and got in the car to go somewhere, and on arrival not been able to remember how you got there? Or how many times have you been so full of thoughts about something that is troubling you that take a wrong turning and end up in the wrong place?
All those are examples of not being in your body. Instead of paying attention to the present moment, you are busy sitting in your head worrying about other moments.
When you are not in the present moment, also known as being out of your body, you are not aware of what is going on around you. You are also not aware of what is going on in your body either. When you lose touch with your body you lose touch with your spirit. When you lose touch with your spirit you lose touch with God.
Often a cure for feeling God is not present is to stop and sit with your body and what it is feeling. Once you attend to what your body is feeling, you can attend to what God is telling you.
People who find themselves in darkness frequently fill the space with prayers to God. Psalm 88 v 1 says “Of Lord, the God who saves me, day and night I cry out before you.” Day and night the psalmist cries out and leaves no space for God to reply. When we fill our minds with prayers and don’t sit in silence waiting for God we cannot hear Him. When we cannot hear Him, we cannot be aware of His presence. Then we feel trapped in darkness.
It is quite likely that we will enter a time of darkness and not feel God. But when we stop fighting and sit and listen, then God can come to us in that place of darkness and heal us. He can speak to us. He can show us His will for our lives. He can lead us out of that place. He can wait with us in that place.
It is hard to wait, particularly in a place that is so unsure and has no definite end. But there are times when waiting is what God wants us to do. It is not wrong to pray while waiting, but it is not good to pray so much God’s voice cannot be heard.
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