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This blog was written on Wednesday but I never had time to post it. So I am posting this today, and tomorrow I will post the blog I write today.

It may seem odd to talk about peace in the midst of a discussion about going through dark times. My reasoning is found in John 16:33 “… in this world you will have trouble…”
The preceding sentence says: “I have told you these things that in me you may have peace…”
It is worth noting that the last sentences of that verse read “…but take heart. I have overcome the world.”
In reading through the many references to peace in the Bible, it is interesting to note one of the words associated with peace is rest (2 Chronicles 14:6). So often, when we are in a place of darkness, we do not find rest. It is as if we have lost the space in our lives for joy. It is rest that allows us that space to open up. In a place of rest there is respite from fear and turmoil and we experience peace from which joy is able to spring.
Trust is also a word associated with peace (Isaiah 26:3). This makes it possible to envisage peace, even in the darkest moments.
Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us there is a time for everything. In verse 8 we read that there is a time to love, hate, have war and peace. If your time is one of darkness, it is possible to cling to God, place your trust in Him and allow yourself to receive everything else in His time.
It may seem counter intuitive to suggest you seek rest in a dark time, but sometimes no effort on our part will take us out of darkness. Sometimes the only way to deal with darkness is to wait, allow the space for rest, and let God do everything else!

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