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Psalm 73

How hard it is, when everything in life seems to be going wrong. When those you love turn away from you and you are left wondering what you did wrong, or wondering when they will forgive you for something you have done. When people you thought were friends betray you. preferring the stab in the back, the malicious gossip, the character assassination instead of being your friend. When neighbours turn nasty and delight in excluding you from things you previously were part of. When you were an unwanted and abused child and you wonder when it will be your turn to be loved and wanted. When no amount of positives in the Psalms feel like they apply to you because they talk only about the arrogant and wicked in life, not those you love turning against you. When you read uplifting books about the lives of giants of faith and feel you are anything but one of those people.

What do you do?

What do you do when you search the Bible for comfort and find none. When tears blur your ability to read the texts. When you can think of nothing positive or uplifting or hopeful.
It can sometimes feel as though you are stuck in verses 1-14, where the arrogant and wicked have the ascendency. Where they have no struggles. Where they are healthy and slim. Where they have expensive houses, luxury cars and overseas holidays. Where they never have to worry about money. Where they can have what they want, whenever they want it. Where those who hurt and betray you continue to live their charmed lives, surrounded by people who believe every malicious word they say. Where it seems like you will always be on the outer, being hurt, vilified, unloved – even by those you love most.

What do you do?

You cling to God. You place your trust and faith in God. You be like the house built by the wise man, the one with firm foundations in the rock of God. When the storms come the house stands firm because it is anchored in trust and faith in God. It doesn’t wash away like the house of the arrogant and wicked, built in the sand. It stays firm.
You make the sovereign Lord your refuge, your home (v28) and you cling on. You cling on to the promises He has made that He will take you by the hand and wisely and tenderly lead you. And then He will bless you.
It may not seem it now, but that day will come when He will lead you with love and bless you will the abundance of His love for you.

For those who are hurting today, my prayer is for you to receive from God the strength to cling on. For you to know God’s great love for you, even if it is only a glimpse in this present darkness. Hold on to the glimpse and don’t let it go.

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