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Psalm 71.
In the Bible, Paul speaks about being transformed by faith in God. It is something we all hear, but do not necessarily totally grasp, or remember.
We might occasionally remember transforming when we realise God is changing us. But there is a transforming that is not always so apparent. That is when God allows us to go through hard times. When God allows things to be taken away from us. When God allows us to go through dark times. When we feel God no longer talks to us and all hope is gone.
This is the aspect of change that is so often overlooked. Letting go in order to gain.
We do need to let go. We develop the more positive aspects of ourselves, changing them into what we believe is more acceptable in God’s sight. But those aspects still have a flawed foundation. If we clasp those aspects and don’t let go of them. If we do not allow God to transform them. Then we can never be transformed. We will develop a semblance of Godly behaviour, but we will not be fully transformed. We will always act from a flawed base.
It feels counter intuitive to release our hold on our behaviour when we believe that behaviour is positive. But holding on to that behaviour does not allow us to grow. Growth is what our journey on that narrow path is about.
Letting go of everything and letting God work in our lives is how we grow.
It is not easy to let go, particularly when we cherish the way we do things. But we can let go, knowing that God will take those beautiful behaviours and turn them into something more beautiful that we could ever have imagined.
God will transform each one of us into a beautiful person. We just have to hold on to hope and accept letting go, even when it is hard.

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